What happens at a bachelor party?

Do you really want to know what happens at a bachelor party? Guys usually have this secret code; what happens at bachelor parties should not be disclosed to anybody. Take for example inviting some strippers to the party. No groom would want their bride to know what took place at the party. It is an unspoken rule among guys.

Most bachelor parties have a vow of silence. Only the groom and his boys can really tell what happens at bachelor parties. Even the party location is kept a secret from the bride and other members. For most brides, they imagine a wild party for their groom as it happens in the Hangover Movie. However, that is not always the case. We will try and share a few things that can happen at bachelor parties. However, this can vary greatly depending on what the groom wants and likes doing.

Things that can happen at bachelor parties

A lot of booze drinking

Taking alcohol at bachelor parties is not something new. After all, parties are more exciting and funnier when there is a lot of booze. If the groom drinks, you can be sure of a lot of booze drinking. The boys will try to get your groom as drunk as possible.

A ‘sex fest’ event

A lot to do with sex is more of an idea than what happens. Nobody will tell you whether there was any sex involved. After all, most guys in the groom’s party are already in relationships. However, you can never be sure of what happens when there is a lot of booze and strippers around. The idea is to tempt the groom and see if his mind is actually made on tying the knot.

Relieving college days

Bachelor parties are more of a reunion of close friends. It is a great time to relive the old college days when you had all the freedom to do anything. This is a day when most let loose and have fun to the wildest. After all, they have the excuse of being there for the groom. You can imagine a younger version of the groom and his boys at the groom.

A lot of stupid things

The guys do a lot of stupid things. This can be dressing in fun attires, going to the extreme when playing games, and doing other crazy things. The party is not just another day out for the boys. You can expect them to do anything crazy.